Top 10 Center Console Fishing Boat Manufacturers

Designed for the sport of fishing, center console boats are a popular choice for in-shore or off-shore anglers. The helm is conveniently located in the center of the boat, leaving an open deck bow and stern for easy casting and reeling in of the catch of the day. The hull design is typically built to withstand rough waters, making it an ideal boat for ocean fishing.

Top 10 Center Console Fishing Boat Manufacturers

Top 10 Center Console Fishing Boat Manufacturers

Today’s top fishing boat manufacturers offer center console boats in varying lengths with built-in options such as rod holders, outriggers, bait wells, high-end electronics, hardtops, sunshade structures and high-performance outboard engines.

Here are the top manufacturers and brands for center console style fishing boats (alphabetically listed with no other rank):

1. Boston Whaler

Known as ‘The Unsinkable Legend’, Boston Whaler boats can literally be cut in half and still float. A division of the Brunswick Group, Boston Whaler makes center console fishing boats ranging from the 15 foot Montauk to the 37 foot Outrage.

2. Carolina Skiff

Carolina Skiff LLC offers a broad selection of center console boats ‘ from economical Carolina Skiff boats that perform well with less fuel consumption, to their quality Sea Chaser brand that is built for offshore fishing with hull-side rod racks and high gunwales.

3. Century Boats

Center consoles by Century boats range from 17 feet to 32 feet, with increasing built-in fishing conveniences as you increase in size. Hardtops are offered in 26-32 foot models.

4. Everglades Boats

With nine different center console models ranging from the 210CC to the 350CC, Everglade Boats are all built using their patented RAMCAP construction process that makes them unsinkable. The 350CC offers the industry’s first fold-away fighting chair.

5. Grady-White Boats

Not only does Grady-White offer an impressive line of center console fishing boats, but it has won the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s award for top customer satisfaction in the category of fiberglass outboard boats nine years in a row.

6. Hydra-Sports

Hydra-Sports, a recently acquired division of MasterCraft Boat Company, produces center console fishing boats from 18 feet to 34 feet in length. Hydra-Sports boats maintain a “no compromises” dedication to detail and quality, and are a brand well regarded by serious tournament fisherman.

7. Pursuit Boats

The Pursuit Boats brand manufactures center console fishing style boats from 23 to 34 feet in length, offering hardtops on the C280, C310 and C340 models.

8. Regulator

The Regulator brand is known as “the legendary ride” and delivers attention to quality and detail in their full line of center console fishing boats – ranging in size from 23 feet to a newly offered 34 feet.

9. Trophy

Trophy Sportfishing Boats range from 17 foot center consoles to 28 foot center onsoles. Sized a bit smaller than some competitors, Trophy boats focus on ride, range and smart-fishing features that improve an angler’s experience on the water.

10. World Cat

The World Cat’s dual hull design makes it incredibly stable on the water because it doesn’t pivot on the centerline like conventional single hull boats. The hull design also provides more access to shallow water and makes the World Cat center console a fuel efficient boat at high speeds.

As well as Center Console boats, you may be interested in Pontoon Boats for fishing due to the versatility of these large deck boats.


  1. Thanks so much for this list, I like the Edgewater 14.5 foot center console. Pontoon boats give families with younger boaters a secure place to enjoy the ride or toddle about when at anchor.

  2. chris magory says:

    I thought that century boats was out of business please let me know if I am wrong

  3. John Miller says:

    Thank for the good information. The features of the boat depands on their design, size, mass and good engineering technology.

  4. Jeremy shanks says:

    Hmmmm…. No contender, yellowfin or Jupiter?!?! Not to hate but these are mostly family center consoles. Not real fishing machines.

  5. Jose Alvarez says:

    How about Robalo, Scout, etc?? or these are the top 10. Another question it is, is it any place we can see all the brands and rankings??

  6. Richard Fagersten says:

    Are you familiar with Southport Boats. They make what appears to me a great Center Console.

  7. Joe Grayson says:

    CONTENDER……….32ST………WAKE UP……My offshore Friends!

  8. M Denning says:

    You didn’t list the best Center Consoles… How about Contender, Yellowfin, Regulator, or even Fountain?

  9. Budley says:

    I can’t believe Key West boats didn’t make the list.

  10. Mike says:

    The Bahama is a beautiful line of center consoles. What was the criteria used to make the list?

  11. Peter says:

    Nice, thank you for sharing. I get the feeling though that this post is missing some good lines like Yellowfin or Scout…

  12. Scott says:

    No Contender!! Or Yellowfin!! Invincible!! Unreal!!