the Unexpected Overnight Trip

My husband and I took an overnight boating trip to an isolated island in the Chesapeake Bay years ago – before the iPhone and helpful apps – in our World Cat catamaran. We hit rough waters at night that knocked out the fuse box, so we lost lights, GPS and sensors. Our relaxing weekend trip turned into an overnight (and unexpected) stay on the boat, and as I longed for the warm bed of the hotel where we had reservations, I kicked myself for not being more prepared.

What SHE Thinks About for Overnight Boating Trips

1. Blankets/pillows

2. Clothing layers (waterproof)

3. Dry storage for food and change of clothes

4. Plenty of extra water

5. Hand warmers & extra socks (for cold evenings)

What HE Thinks About for Overnight Boating Trips

1. Coast Guard approved equipment – life jackets, flares, etc.

2. Extra fuses & light bulbs

3. Registration & Insurance – keep it in the boat!

4. Grill

5. Fishing rods

Nowadays, iPhones and smartphones are great tools to have on any trip – and we both think about charging devices and new apps to download no matter where we go!

Submitted by:

Cameron, Virginia Beach


  1. This article made me burst out laughing as I imagined her cold and wet trying to stay warm while he grilled his catch. Captures the differences between my DH and me pretty well too!