2010 Winter Olympian, Zach Lund, Resurrects Powerboat of Memories

As the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics begin to wind down, boaters (and Olympian, Zach Lund) are counting down the days to kick off the boating season! Skeleton U.S. Olympian Zach Lund who placed an accomplished fifth-place at the conclusion of a four-heat competition, knows a little about boating!

Zach had an open bow Ebko that had seen better days… but, the boat had been a part of many memories with family and friends in Salt Lake City and Zach couldn’t part with it.

The family had enjoyed many days on the boat together, and Zach was willing to put in the sweat equity to repower his Ebko.

Zach invested about two-thirds of what he initially paid for the boat, and it has been worth every penny. He and his family continue to remember the “old days” on the boat while making new memories on the repowered Ebko.

Zach’s efforts are best described when he says, “We put $2,000 into it, a lot of time and elbow grease and have enjoyed a boat that means that much more to us because of it.”

It’s a new year, and Zach Lund is already showing how his passion for boating can bring the best of times.

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