Aqualuma Underwater Lighting’s LUMA-Vu Underwater Camera

Photo Credit: Aqualuma

Offering the possibility of recording amazing moments, Aqualuma Underwater Lighting’s LUMA-Vu Underwater Camera enables owners to document an amazing catch during a tournament or simply watch the aquatic environment below from the comfort of their saloon or bridge. Enhancing life while out on the water, this camera provides an underwater viewpoint from a perspective never before available.

Photo Credit: Aqualuma

The camera can be connected to entertainment systems, or to an electronics screen which supports video inputs in a wheelhouse, making viewing underwater life even easier. By simply flipping the switch on their Aqualuma Underwater Lights, owners can continue the show into the night, viewing fish schools in the glow. When competing in tag and release fishing competitions, the camera can also help validate a big catch, possibly securing the tournament win.

The high-resolution color CCTV camera’s bulletproof housing is manufactured with the patented Aqualuma corrosion-proof, high-tech, molded polymer housing. It comes in either NTSC or PAL formats with a very wide angle 3.6mm lens.

Source: Aqualuma

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