The Chris Craft Launch 28 is Elegant and Practical

The Chris Craft homepage features details on the Launch 28 boat.

According to Chris Craft, the Launch 28 is an uncompromising family day-boat that offers the best of both worlds. It’s stylish and elegant, but it’s also amazingly practical.

It is the largest member of the Launch family. The combination of a wide-beam and a larger forward seating area provides impressive comfort with ample space for the entire family.

The larger beam can accommodate a range of twin engine packages. You can specify up to 425 hp which gives the 28 a truly impressive performance for a bowrider. This model also has an increased fuel capacity, allowing for a longer cruising range.

Chris Craft recently launched a blog on the company homepage. The first entry focuses on the economy, boating industry, and the future for power boats.

Source: Chris Craft

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