The Retreat 2 Solar Hybrid Boat Lift Launches Boats the Green and Easy Way

The Retreat 2 Solar Hybrid from Safe Haven Systems by Carolina Waterworks has is a simple, patented lift design that can be operated with one hand without the hassle of launching and docking.

According to Carolina Waterworks, the Retreat 2 Solar Hybrid is the most efficient green boat lift on the market. The eco-friendly Retreat 2 Solar Hybrid harnesses solar energy to charge a standard deep-cycle battery. Similar to a submarine, the air-assisted system employs an air tank to help lift the craft completely out of the water in under a minute. Incredibly efficient, a single charge provides enough energy to raise and lower the boat up to 80 times. Where electricity is available, it can operate on 110V power supply.

With no hydraulic fluid, oil, grease, zinc or other environmental hazards, the advanced system does not require problematic remote controls, outside electricity or winches. Designed for the toughest marine conditions, the maintenance-free system has no chance of mechanical failures that can prevent launching.

Source: Carolina Waterworks

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