The DSe Hybrid Is The First Truly “Green” Motoryacht In The U.S.

While yacht owners love the luxury and power of a big boat, that size comes at a price of fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness.

That could change with the 40-ft Island Pilot DSe Hybrid, developed as the first truly “Green” motoryacht in the U.S. and recently introduced at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

The “DSe” in the Island Pilot DSe Hybrid’s name stands for “Diesel Solar Electric”. According to the official site for the DSe Hybrid, the designers set goals of a 6 Knots electric cruising speed (Zero Emissions) and 8 Knots diesel cruising speed.

The DSe requires a total of 6 kW to cruise at 6 knots in electric, zero-emissions, mode. The superstructure is designed to maximize the horizontal surface for the 6 kW photovoltaic solar array.

In the stern of each hull is a Steyr Motors Parallel Hybrid Propulsion System using a Steyr “Monoblock” 75 HP diesel with an inline 7 kW SteyrHybrid_150pix02motor/5kW generator leading to the ZF Saildrive.

In the bows are 48 vDC battery banks made up of AGM-style deep cycle batteries from Enersys – a total of 20 kW-hours. In electric mode, the permanent-magnet motors provide silent cruising speeds of up to 6 knots.

To run faster (or at night), start the diesels for a cruising speed of 8 knots. When the diesels are running, the motors become generators, supplying a charging current (10 kW total) for the battery arrays.

The overhead of the DSe is a “Energy Generator.” 6 kW of solar plus a pair of 1.5 kW wind turbines give a potential of 9 KW total. All of the solar panels are up off the deck and essentially out of the way.

According to the DSe site, none of this cutting-edge technology takes away from her comforts — An “Island Queen” on-deck master & an “Island Queen” guest (converts to twin berths), each with ensuite heads and stall showers. The “Great-room” deckhouse has a roomy & efficient galley (complete with the Island Pilot signature refrigerator/freezer).

The two settees, high-low table and 26” HDTV and Bose home theater have all been proven in the Island Pilots and actually are enlarged for use here in the DSe Hybrid.

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    >Its a great idea we need to start changing our way of thinking of how nice it looks and how fast we can get there . I love the independence of not been at the mercy of the oil companies and the worry of fuel I will certainly be looking at this model when I`m ready to buy .

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