Night Vision System By NVTi Offers Boaters A Clear View Ahead

When navigating at night or keeping watch over a poorly lit area, safety and accuracy are extremely important. With Night Vision Technologies’ (NVTi) new Night Nav NV1010 low-lux video imaging system, operators can quickly detect, observe and identify objects in any light or environmental condition.

Delivering crisp, high-quality images, the state-of-the-art NV1010 renders video utilizing ambient light, including starlight, moonlight, cloud-reflected light and running light. Featuring a rugged IP67 pan/tilt housing and controller, it’s compatible with any display that accepts a standard NTSC composite video signal. Due to its 360º pan range and 25mm lens, this unit provides an extensive field of view.

Cost-effective and easy to install, the innovative NV1010 employs the same proven technology of NVTi’s best-in-class commercial units. Built marine-tough, the dependable camera is ideal for use by recreational boaters on fresh, protected or coastal waters, lake and river rescue squads as well as law enforcement vessels.

Source: NVTi