Furuno introduces NavNet 3D navigation system with advanced 3D charts

The Furuno has setup a homepage featuring details on the recently introduced NavNet 3D chart plotter.

The NavNet 3D chart plotter utilities 3D Mapmedia charting architecture to bring a full time 3-dimensional presentation, unlike conventional chart plotters that utilize 2D charts that require special effects to appear 3D. On top of the 3D chart presentation, the NavNet 3D’s powerful graphic engine has delivered the Satellite PhotoFusion™, total fusion of high-resolution satellite imagery and critical raster or vector chart data. In this presentation option, land areas (zero depth) are shown with completely opaque, high-resolution satellite photos.

The NavNet 3D’s high-speed processor delivers TimeZero technology. This enables instant, real-seamless chart redraw and chart handling with no waiting. The chart can be zoomed seamlessly and continuously in and out to whatever chart scale desired (TimeZero Zoom), instead of limiting the chart scaling options of conventional chart plotters.

The chart can be smoothly panned to allow observation, with greater intensity, the area away from own vessel such as area ahead, destination and other points of navigational interest (TimeZero Scroll). TimeZero technology redefines the meaning of stress-free operation by smoothing out all the chart handling actions, and it is available in any chart presentation options, including 2D/3D chart, Satellite PhotoFusion™ chart, bathymetric chart, and even in NavNet 3D radar-chart overlay.

FURUNO Digital Filter technology is featured in FURUNO’s DFF1, the new digital Network Sounder. It can turn any NavNet display into a powerful, dual frequency digital fish finder. Surface clutter, mainly caused by your craft’s propeller can be greatly suppressed by the digital filter, resulting in exceptional shallow water detection. This makes it easier to spot fish targets that are close to surface. This digital filter also optimizes gain to obtain highly defined images of underwater conditions to show fish targets close to the seabed. The digital filter also eliminates noise to deliver sharp and detailed echo presentation, achieving detection of fishing reefs and individual fish with absolute clarity.

Source: Furuno