Volvo Marine Engines and IPS at the Virginia In-Water Boat Expo & SailFest

One of the engines on display at the Virginia In-Water Boat Expo & SailFest was the 5.7 GXi by Volvo Penta. Volvo’s website describes the 5.7 GXi a cast-iron V-8 with electronic fuel injection, low emissions and responsive acceleration.

Here’s a comparison between the fuel filter on the 5.7 GXi and a regular fuel filter. The longer filter is a water separating fuel filter, which is recommended when using ethanol fuel.

The oil filter on the 5.7 GXi is also easy to remove and service.

The Volvo Penta booth also featured a demo of Volvo’s IPS joystick, which allows you to park your boat in a dock almost as easy as you can drive your car in a parking space.

Volvo’s IPS system has the propellers facing forward, pulling the boat through the water the same way aircraft propellers pull a plane through the air. The advantage is that diesel noise and exhaust are reduced.