Video: Hunt Harrier 36 IPS Boat Review

The review team tested three different power versions of the Hunt Harrier 36. Although all the hulls were the classic Hunt deep-vee, the look of each boat was very different. Hunt offers a significant amount of customization on each boat they build.

Reviewer Lenny Rudow found this IPS version to be especially easy to handle while docking.

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Hunt Harrier 36 IPS Transcript

Sometimes, a new boat makes a splash right away. Sometimes, it takes a few seasons. This Hunt Harrier 36, it hasn’t stopped making its splash yet. And one of the reasons why may be the level of semi-customization. Take for example these three boats. This one is an IPS boat. This one is a jet drive. And this one is a straight inboard.

Now these other two rigs, the jet boat and the straight inboard, they have Volvo Penta D6s which carry 435 HP each. This IPS boat has twin D4s which are 300 HP. You do give up a little bit on top end; this boat turned up to about 34 knots. But on the flip side, you get 1.4 mpg.


So Peter, tell me: what’s the most important thing about the way this boat is built?

Peter VanLancker, President Hunt Yachts: Well Lenny, the most important thing is that it’s designed and constructed to meet its naval architect’s design displacement. And in this boat, we use materials like PVC cores, knitted unidirectionals, and vinylester resin. And when you combine all those, you essentially build a boat that’s durable enough to outlive your kids.

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