Private Boat Rental: Offset the Cost of Boat Ownership With Click&Boat

Offset the cost of boat ownership by chartering your vessel through Click&Boat’s user-friendly platform, where boat owners can list their boat for free.

Unlock Your Boat Earning Potential

There’s nothing like the freedom of buying and owning your own boat. You can go nearly anywhere you want, at your own pace, on your own time. There are endless benefits to getting out on the water every weekend. Plus, there are the physical and mental health benefits. A boat gets you outside, connects you to the natural environment and provides a great platform for enjoying water sports and getting exercise. Being close to water is good for the soul and provides boat owners with enriching experiences with friends and family – not to mention that boats are also a gateway to meeting new people with shared passions and interests.

Click and Boat Boat Rental Platform

Above: A group of men and women having a boat party during sunset onboard a rented charter yacht. Photo by Jacob Lund via Pond5.

But owning a boat can be an expensive endeavor as well, with the cost of ownership quickly adding up. From maintenance to insurance, fuel and storage fees, there are a few eye-stinging expenses associated with owning a boat.  However, as any boat owner will tell you – it’s not just the boat you are paying for but a superior lifestyle. If you spend any spare moment you get out on the water like us, the costs are easy to justify. That said, there are some great ways to help offset the cost of ownership.

Click&Boat: The Boat Rental Platform

Click&Boat has come to the rescue for thousands of boat owners who need an extra cash flow or revenue source to take the pressure off their finances. The company has designed an innovative platform that allows boat owners to offset the cost of ownership” by chartering the vessel through their user-friendly platform. You can even list your boat for free and make it available for charter to other people. Yachts, sailboats, RIBs, motorboats, catamarans – all are welcome on Click&Boat!

Does earning money by renting out your boat sounds a bit too good to be true? The cost of boat ownership is outpacing incomes but Click&Boat provides the perfect solution to get more people out on the water. And while renting out a boat sounds complex and a bit of an insurance nightmare, the Click&Boat crew have been diligently working behind the scenes for over six years to ensure that boat owners are fully covered with peer-to-peer insurance. They have been working with some of the largest boat insurance providers to develop a sophisticated insurance set-up where all parties are covered and avoid any issues arising. Integrity underpins the way that Click&Boat have set their platform up. 

Improving the Utilization of Vessels 

The average boat owner in America only uses their vessel for approximately 15 days annually. There are thousands, if not millions, of boats just sitting in the harbor or storage doing nothing. Click&Boat is on a mission to utilize existing vessels before they end up in a boat graveyard, which is where they tend to end up if they are not used sufficiently over time. 

Putting Boat Owners in the Driving Seat

Many boat owner’s my feel reluctant to trust a new platform and insurance program. But thanks to a gradual increase in awareness within the boat owner community, the concept has really gained momentum. Click&Boat provides the tools to enable boat owners to feel in control. They can choose which profiles potential renters they accept and reject. They can ask about a renter’s boating experience so if they don’t feel comfortable, they don’t have to accept the booking. The set-up is legal and works with trusted third-parties, giving Click&Boat a fantastic reputation among the boating community.  

Upskilling Boat Captains  

Click&Boat has qualified legal and licensed captains in their database for renters to choose from, as not every renter will have an active USCG license. As a result, many US Coast Guard captains are finding that Click&Boat is a great building block in their career path, mainly because they are adapting their skills to different types of vessels in various locations, but also because they are working frequently.


> I am a boat owner. Where can I charter out my boat?

Click&Boat lists boats all over the world. In the US, they have boats listed in all 50 states. Their database currently has multiple 1000s located across the globe listed on their database. Wherever you own a boat, you can list it on Click&Boat.

> What types of boat trips can I go on?

You can use Click&Boat for fishing, cruising, sailing, sandbar hopping, celebrating special days or exploring the city waterways. The options and possibilities for discovering the world’s waterways are endless.

> Do I need any insurance in place before I register my boat online?

Click&Boat requires that all boat owners have existing recreational insurance in place, which serves as a litmus test for the insurance policy offered on top for extra security. Any boat owners who want to find out more about the insurance policy can visit Click&Boat to read more about the details.

> How do I charter my boat out?

Visit Click&Boat and fill in some basic information about your boat including the location, year, size and model. At the touch of a button the website will provide a rough estimate of your earning potentials from chartering out your boat. Get registered quickly and make sure to have pictures of your boat ready to upload to your profile. Renters want to see what it looks like. 

> What types of boats does Click&Boat accept?

Click&Boat lists any type and size of boat. The only requirement is that the boat should be in excellent condition. Crafts range from 10 feet to sea toys (such as kayaks and stand up paddleboards) to boats up to 70 feet plus. On average, though, most of the boats listed are between 20-30 feet. 

> What if my boat gets damaged? 

In the rare situation that the boat has any flaws or damage, the platform is cleverly designed so that renters can mark any defects. Click&Boat encourages renters to take photos and take videos of the vessels. That way, both parties agree with the vessel’s state when it left, and then the condition of the vessel went and returned. 

Click&Boat is creating a world where anybody can get involved by setting sail on their sailing adventure. Boat ownership is now that bit more attractive. 

With the help of Click&Boat, boat ownership is now that little bit more affordable. If you are a prospective boat buyer considering a boat purchase, browse Boat Trader’s listings online. 

Written by: Emma Coady

Emma Coady is a freelance writer and marine journalist who creates content for many household names in the boating industry, including YachtWorld, Boat Trader and She also writes for several boat builders as well as charter and rental companies and regularly contributes to Greenline Hybrid yachts, TJB Super Yachts and Superyachts Monaco. Emma is the founder of Cloud Copy and enjoys traveling around Europe, spending as much of her spare time as possible in or on the water.


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