Lowe Platinum 25 RFL and Platinum Series: Video Boat Review

The Boats.com video boat review team ran this flagship of Lowe’s Platinum pontoon boats, the Platinum 25 RFL. In this video they review all the details on the entire Platinum series, which is new for 2012.


You know there is no time to plane, it’s instantaneous!

Are you a Chevy guy, or a Cadillac guy? If you’re a Cadillac guy, you might have a tough time finding the right pontoon boat for you and your family. You want something that’s high end, that has all the trimmings, that’s really comfortable.

We came to Lake of the Ozarks to test out Lowe’s Platinum pontoon boats.

Interview with Tony Johns from Lowe Boats

Lenny: Now we’re on the Platinum 25 RFL, right?

Tony: That’s correct.

Lenny: And this is just the flagship of a series of new pontoon boats for Lowe, right?

Tony: Yeah, that’s right. What we’ve got available right now actually is the 25RFL which we’re currently in, we’ve got the 23RFL, which happens to be the boat running beside us right here.

Lenny: Now I notice that the 23 running next to us here has a big towbar on it.

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