Doug Logan

Doug Logan has been a senior editor of since 2010. He's a former editor-in-chief of Practical Sailor, managing editor and technical editor of Sailing World, webmaster for Sailing World and Cruising World, contributing editor to Powerboat Reports, and the editor of dozens of books about boats, boat gear, and the sea.
boat show shopping
One of the best things you can do to stave off the winter doldrums and start getting psyched for spring is to visit a big boat show.
boat ride in spring
Time-honored maintenance tips to get your boat ready for the 2022 boating season.
It's not wise to assume that a buyer will be as thrilled as you are with all the things you've done to personalize your boat.
Winterizing Your Boat
Winter can be a long season for northern boaters, but if you take the right steps to protect your boat in the cold months, you'll reap your reward in the spring with a sound boat and an early start.
There's no easy access to this stuffing box to tighten or change the shaft packing. A fuel tank was installed above it. All photos: Doug Logan
Almost every boat is home to a few access problems. Just don’t let them surprise you.
No used engine will look as good as this brand-new one, but a bit of time spent with cleaner, rags, and Q-tips can often get you pretty close.
Spending a modest amount of time and money preparing your engine for sale will be well worth it.
Center-consoles occupy a huge segment of small-boat market because they can bring a lot of utility to a lot of people.
Volts x Amps = Watts (example: 12 volts x 5 amps = 60 watts); Watts / Volts = Amps (example: 60 watts / 12 volts = 5 amps); Amps x Time = Ah (example: 3 amps x 5 hours = 15 Ah)
This boat has an extra-big inventory of PFDs, including several for visiting kids and infants, and even one for a dog. This could be noted in a seller’s ad copy.
If you’re selling your boat, make sure potential buyers are aware of the value you’ve added in your time of ownership.
Even a relatively simple center-console will have a list of maintenance chores to perform. This Contender carries twin Yamaha 300s, an electronics suite, bottom paint, livewell pumps, and other features that will need regular attention. Paul Cronin photo.
Upkeep chores and materials will cost more or less depending on the type of boat you own, where you keep it and, of course, on your own patience, skills, and bankroll.
Time to rake leaves and winterize engines. This 8-hp Merc is standing on its skeg in trash barrel full of clean fresh water.

Let’s say you run your small outboard in salt water all summer and don’t flush it as often as you should during the season. (For a lot of us who leave our boats floating the whole time, that means...

Boats that were brand new a few years ago, like this 2014 Stamas 289 Tarpon, are now showing up on the used market at reduced prices.
Center-console boats occupy a huge segment of small-boat market because they can bring a lot of utility to a lot of people.
If you’re looking at a used boat, pay close attention to the outward appearance of the engine.
Galveston POI
Discover Boating and Google Maps can help when it comes to scoping out launch ramps for your trailer-boating vacations.
Falco and his friend Tiller, keeping an eye on water-skiers.
Cruising with dogs brings both joy and challenges.
Mylar balloons travel far and wide over the world's waters. They don't give up easily, but you can gaff 'em and boat 'em if you're quick.
The International Coastal Cleanup is September 19th.
The Stingray 192sc offers a lot in 20 feet -- swimming, fishing, tow-sports, and two great lounging zones. The bimini, with stainless fittings, is standard.
The Stingray 192sc can handle a lot of chores -- swimming, tow-sports, fishing, and lounging.
Boat trailering gets easier with practice. Paul Cronin photo.
Lenny Rudow has a new video series on boat trailering on
Water ballast and trim tab controls create great wakes, and the Forward Drive minimizes prop threat to riders.
The Four Winns TS222 carries the Volvo-Penta Forward Drive system.
Evinrude's E-TEC engine cowlings are pretty striking. You won't mistake them for anyone else's engines.
Evinrude E-TEC engine embody a lot of new design ideas.