2022 Heyday H22 Wake Boat: Full Review And Sea Trial

Join Ryan McVinney with Boat Trader for a full walkthrough video review and quick sea trial of the new 2022 Heyday H22 wake boat in the video below. McVinney walks us through the many features and physical specifications of this brand new model, that marks Heyday’s latest model in the lineup. From ballast and wake shaping ability to the hull design and cockpit layout we cover what makes this boat an exciting new edition to the Heyday Boats family.

Vessel Overview

A few weeks ago Heyday Boats announced the much anticipated launch of their 2022 H22 wake boat and we were excited to get onboard for one of the first sea trials on a shiny new H22 in Knoxville, Tennessee (where Heyday is headquartered). The brand has been building wakesports boats for both wakeboarding and wakesurfing enthusiasts for years. From wakeboarding pros like Dylan Miller (Heyday Team Rider) to those just learning to surf, Heyday’s boats are design to make tow-sports activities financially accessible to more people including the young at heart. The company designs and constructs purpose-built and value-conscious wake boats with both budget and performance in mind. But how exactly do they do this? The H22 is a great example so let’s take a closer look.

Walking up to the docks at the marina, our first impression of this sparkling new blue wake boat was more than just pleasant. Her new shearlines and stylish sculpting take Heyday’s recognized signature hull design to a new level, while her ample 14-person capacity deck space beckons you aboard, giving the impression it will be very easy to get your board on and off this boat – and of course, surfing her wake.

Heyday H22 Wake Boat Review

Above: A bird’s eye view of the 2022 Heyday H22 wake boat underway, illustrating the spacious, 14-passenger capacity cockpit, wide transom and open bow playpen area. 

H22 Hull Design: Heyday Features Inherited

Heyday designs all of their wake boat hulls to displace more water in order to create a taller wave with plenty of “pop” for tricks and the H22 is no exception. These hulls are crafted from the ground up to maintain ideal wake symmetry with an extra-wide transom in the rear that cancels out prop torque and makes the boat less sensitive to passenger weight distribution. Other wake boats have transoms that intersect with the water at 90 degrees, whereas Heyday hulls have transoms that intersect with the water at 117 degrees.

What does all of that mean precisely? Essentially this design enables the hull to release water from the transom while underway in a pattern that creates a natural, clean and soft curl. Additionally, radiused-corners help pull water around the listed side of the boat, continuously feeding the curl for a firm, clean surf pocket. Onboard the H22 there are no shaping tabs to mess with, no gates and no complicated wake-shaping add-ons. This equates to cost savings but also makes for an easy to use wake boat with reliable performance.

Wake Surfing Features And Ballast

The advanced integrated ballast system on the H22 has a 2,950-pound-capacity and is comprised of multiple sub-floor hard tanks (2 tanks on port and 2 tanks on starboard) that are integrated into the hull. This maximizes ballast without sacrificing under-seat storage and requires less maintenance than “bag ballasts”. When these hard tanks are full, the integrated ballast pushes the boat downward to give you more pop on your favorite tricks.

Another feature that the H22 notably inherits from the Heyday lineup is extra high gunnels and more freeboard depth. As many wakesports and wake surfing enthusiasts know, a deeper hull means that there’s more capacity to add more ballast, which pushes more hull below the water resulting in greater downward force and pushing a taller wave or wake behind the boat. It also makes for drier rides and safer aft-facing rear seats. So whether you prefer a wakeboard or a surfboard, the H22 is designed to give you the best ride possible.

Bow Area

The Heyday H22 features a whopping 20 square feet of bow playpen space. Her high gunnels make for an extra deep bow area, and the comfortable seating has an extra filler cushion to expand capacity while arm rests, and a removable backrest make this a great social zone. Sturdy grab handles, cupholders and USB chargers are all conveniently located, from the bow, on back to the rear of the vessel.

At The Helm

At the helm captain’s will enjoy automotive styling with a large flush-mounted 9-inch touchscreen that features Heyday controls, ballast settings and a wireless phone charging station below the dash. Heyday’s onboard Integrated Wake System employs hull engineering to perfectly craft height, length, push of wave, and symmetry without the need for gates or tabs. Mercury Smart Tow system enables drivers to set acceleration profiles and speeds via GPS cruise control. Also a premium Rockford Fosgate sound system is standard onboard the H22.

Main Cockpit

Above the main cockpit of the H22 is the new “Force Tower”. This is a heavy-duty, folding tow tower on gas struts that includes key standard features such as surf knobs, (with optional swivel board racks that hold a mix of 4 surf/wakeboards), an optional GoPro mount above and an easy-to-deploy optional Bimini top. The captain’s chair has a great notch in the cushion for the driver’s leg so they can sit sideways and watch the wake surfer behind them. Next to the captain’s chair on the portside is a great spotter’s seat with excellent visibility – a key component to any great wake boat.

Transom And Swim Platform

Perhaps most notably, the H22 has some of the best aft-facing seats available on any wake boat that we’ve seen lately. They are low enough below the gunnels to provide for a dry ride while underway at top speeds. Multi-use and versatility were clearly key themes of the design, and the sliding seats easily transform the seating configuration from these low-sitting rear-facing seats to a luxurious, large sunpad. This is a very innovative transom seating layout. Next, the swim platform on the H22 has a seat for strapping on and off your board which is a nice feature as well.

Heyday H22 Wake Boat Review

Above: The 2022 Heyday H22 wake boat underway – note the rear aft-facing transom seats under the gunnels and the wide transom and swim platform.

Engine And Power Specifications

The Heyday H22 is powered by a 370-horsepower 6.2-liter 6200 Mercury Mercruiser Towsport engine. This engine gives her plenty of power to pull riders, even with full crew and ballast. Known across the industry as one of the ideal powerplants for towsports and wake boats, the Mercruiser 6200 blends torque, pulling power and launch propulsion into one clean power package. Electronic MPI technology delivers smooth, quiet and steady idling, instant throttle response and increased fuel efficiency to help reduce operating and maintenance costs. Engine Guardian, which monitors engine functions and nips potential problems in the bud, is standard. The Mercury MerCruiser 6.2L features a compact, lightweight scroll intake manifold – which improves air flow at low- and mid-rpm ranges. Enhanced air flow optimizes boat acceleration and time to plane, so you can get up to cruising speed more quickly and easily.

Trailer: A Standard Feature

All Heyday H22 boats come standard with a tandem-axle trailer with steel wheels, which is another great value add-on and one we’re sure many wake surfing families and enthusiasts will appreciate.

To introduce the market to the all-new H22, Heyday is hosting a “Wake and Ride” tour with 14 stops across the United States, going on now until September 18th, 2021. At each event, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in live demos, guided walk-throughs and meet a Heyday pro team rider.

Pricing for the 2022 Heyday H22 starts around $75,868.


BEAM: 8’6″
DRY WEIGHT: 5,188 lbs.
POWER: 370 HP Base Engine
FUEL CAPACITY: 40 gallons
BALLAST: 2,950 lbs.

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Written by: Ryan McVinney

C. Ryan McVinney is a film director, producer, writer, actor, boat captain, outdoor enthusiast and conservationist. He's currently the host and director of Boat Trader's award-winning Stomping Grounds TV show that explores boating culture across America. McVinney also directs and produces the documentary series Cult Classics and the extreme superyacht show LEGENDS for YachtWorld, as well the popular Factory Fridays video series for boats.com. He is a regular contributor to leading marine industry publications.