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Searching and Browsing

If you have not decided on the specific boat you are interested in, try our Browse feature and scroll through photo ads by boat type. Narrow your search to target the perfect boat. Once the search results are displayed, you can sort them by price, date placed, or model year.

We encourage you to join My Boats and start using our premium services. Create and save searches that you perform regularly and save ads that interest you. Joining is free and takes just minutes to complete!

Advanced Search

Advanced search enables you to search in detail with multiple search criteria such as make, state, zip code, and keyword.

Price Range

Some ads may not have a price listed. To avoid "call for price" ads, select both a minimum and maximum in the price range. Set your minimum to at least $100.

Year Range

If you are looking for a single model year, such as a 1974, enter that year both in the beginning and end of the year range.


You can search by Zip Code, Region, State, or Area code. Default search area on the home page search is a 250 mile radius from the zip code entered.


Browse is designed for those of you who do not have a particular boat in mind. Click on Browse and select a boat type, such as Saltwater Fishing or Sailboats. You will then be able to narrow your browse further by make or location.

Selling Your Boat

Tips to help you place your listing quickly and sell your vehicle faster.

  1. Have your basic vehicle information ready, such as the year, make, model, and selling price. When describing your vehicle, be sure to include the best features. Showcase your ad by using words such as "one owner, brand new, garage kept, fully loaded, best offer, one of a kind" etc. Use brand names of important accessories or parts that are included with the vehicle. Use complete sentences in your description, if possible.
  2. Have an email address. To complete the Place an Ad process, you will need an email address. If you do not have an email address, click one of the following links to set up a free email account.
  3. Include a photo(s) with your ad. Listings with photos are viewed over 121% more than listings without photos. Photos provide additional details and visual elements that descriptions cannot. As a reminder, save your photos in .jpg formats at no more than 100K in size. The Place an Ad process offers tips to uploading photos.
  4. Have your credit card handy. Boat Trader accepts American Express, Diner's Club, Mastercard and Visa. We take online security issues very seriously and have the latest security software in place from eFunds corporation.
  5. Be prudent in dealing with buyers. Buyers and Sellers should be prudent and careful in any exchange of money, contracts, legal documents, and written or verbal communications. For information about avoiding potential buyer scams, please visit our Security Center.

Tips for Uploading Photos

Image Dimensions: 640x480
Digital photo should be 640x480 pixels or smaller. Please resize larger images proportionately. A larger image may appear distorted, or may not appear at all.

File Size: Smaller is Better
Prospective buyers may not wait for a large file to download, so keep your photos under 100KB. (File sizes are listed next to file names in your computer's directory. If you cannot see them, select View from the directory's menu and then select Details to display.)

File Format: JPEGS Only
To provide prospective buyers with the best possible quality image, please ensure your photo file is in JPEG format (i.e. a file name that ends with .jpg). Note that renaming a file to give it the suffix .jpg is not sufficient (see 'How to Resize and Reformat Photos' below). A file in a format other other than a JPEG will not appear at all.

File Naming Conventions
Please name your image files as follows: Vehicle make and model followed the ".jpg" suffix. Use underscores rather than spaces. Do not use special characters (&, /, $, etc). An example of an appropriate file name is: "bayliner_boat.jpg".

How to Resize and Reformat Photos

  1. Open your photo in an image-editing program.
  2. Change the image size so that the width is between 565 and 640 pixels (avoid image distortion by making sure the image is resized proportionately).
  3. Select Save As from the File menu.
  4. Select JPEG (.jpg) as the file format and save the image to your hard drive using the naming convention above.

How to Reduce Photo File Size
Photo file sizes are affected by factors such as image size and resolution (image quality). Some image-editing programs allow JPEG files to be saved in various qualities. The lower the quality, the smaller the file size. Follow these guidelines to keep your file size as 100K or less.

  • Select a resolution of 72dpi.
  • Observe a maximum image size of 640x480 pixels.
  • Adjust image quality. (A quality level below "Medium" is not recommended.)
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