2017 Ocean Alexander 120 Megayacht

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Class Power
Category Mega Yachts, Motor Yachts, Cruisers
Year 2017
Make Ocean Alexander
Length 120'
Propulsion Type Twin Inboard
Hull Material Fiberglass
Fuel Type Diesel
Location Clearwater
General Overview
Type of Yacht:
  • Vessel construction is in accordance with the existing rules of the American Bureau of Shipping’s (ABS) XA1 Yachting Service – AMS designation (hull & machinery) and the vessel is built to the UK’s Maritime Coastguard Agency’s (MCA) Large Yacht Code (LY2), with unrestricted vessel operating area (i.e., more than 150 nautical miles from a port or safe haven), as administered by the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry with a surveyor’s inspection.


  • The following specifications for the vessel are not warranties and should not be construed as an expressed or implied warranty, including implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or marketability. The warranties offered are contained exclusively in the Construction Contract and Security Agreement warrantied by Christensen Shipyards.


General Construction


  • FRP parts are constructed to detailed laminate schedules, using resins and glass reinforcement. Builder shall achieve the highest fiberglass content by using steel rollers or squeegees. Builder to use large molds, integrating decks, coamings and transverse members to minimize secondary bonding.
  • Vacuum Infused Molding is used in place of hand lay up. Vacuum Infused Molding draws special low viscosity resin into dry fibers using a vacuum induced by a pump. The process compacts fibers much tighter and stiffer than laminates with more evenly distributed resin concentrations. Parts are kept under vacuum until curing resulting in a flat and/or fair surface.


  • The entire hull bottom is a molded PVC sandwich core designed structure, with (1) layer of core sandwiched between solid fiberglass laminates, integrated into which are longitudinal channel stringers. Keel, stem, chine and spray knocker sections are reinforced. Both longitudinal and transverse frames are vacuum infused or hand laid structural foam core material with fiberglass outer skins spaced and sized to provide optimum structural support and rigidity. Web frames are structural foam cored sandwich laminated with fiberglass to the hull sides, and transverse frames have limber holes for access and piping runs as required.




  • The cabin sides, front and back are 5# PVC foam cored sandwich FRP structure.The bridge deck and fly bridge deck are infused 5# PVC foam cored sandwich FRP structure, reinforced with fiberglass hat section beams. Superstructure sections are laminated to deck structure to form a structurally integrated assembly, which conforms to classification requirements.


Hard Top / Mast:


  • The hardtop is constructed from FRP (fiberglass) / mast and the upright supports are constructed from Aluminum.



Bottom Paint:


  • Bottom paint is two coats of anti-fouling paint International, Interlux Ultra and applied over two coats of anti-blister epoxy primer. Paint color isblack.


Hull, Top sides & Superstructure:


  • The hull, topsides and superstructure are painted with Awlgrip hi-solids linear polyurethane topcoat over prime coat. Color is Matterhorn White.



Fuel Systems:


  • The fuel oil storage tanks are FRP integral, construction with aluminum baffling and hydro-tested to ABS requirements. The fuel day tanks and aft trim tanks are fabricated from aluminum; formed, welded and hydro-tested to ABS requirements.
  • Fuel storage tanks are filled via fill station connections located on the port and starboard weather decks. Fuel storage tanks, aft trim tanks and the fuel day tanks are connected to an expansion tank, which is then vented to the atmosphere. The fuel vent expansion tank will capture approximately 80 U.S gallons (302.8L) of overflow before it escapes through the vent. Installed low in the tank is an alarm float switch that provides a warning that tanks are full and that fill operations should be stopped or modulated.


  • Either the AC or DC electric fuel transfer pumps may be used for transfer operations. Main engines and gensets draw fuel independently from the day tanks through the separate fuel service manifolds.


  • Fuel Transfer Pump No. 1: Viking Pumps, model HJ475M, 1 hp, 208V AC
  • Fuel Transfer Pump No. 2: Viking Pumps, model H475M, 1 hp, 24V DC
  • Fuel Transfer Filter/Water Separator: Henek Manufacturing Inc., model HFS-251-3-DP-CP (or equal), 30 gpm (nom.) flow rate, with manual air vent and water drain valves, liquid level gauge, and pressure gauge.
  • Fuel flow meter: GPI model FM-530
  • Fuel Filter/Water Separator (Main Engine Supply): Racor, model 79/1000MAVM30, triple filter style, with valving
  • Fuel Filter/Water Separator (Generator Supply): Racor model 500MAM30
  • Main Engine Fuel Priming Pumps: Federal Mogul (or equal), 24v DC
  • Generator Fuel Priming Pumps: Federal Mogul (or equal), 12v DC
  • Fuel Fill Manifold, with port & starboard fill connections on weather deck.


Gasoline System Main Components:


  • The auxiliary gasoline tank is fabricated from stainless steel and formed, welded, and hydro-tested to ABS and MCA requirements. The gasoline transfer pump and filter are permanently mounted and hard piped from the auxiliary gasoline tank.


  • Gasoline capacity: 200 gallons (757L)
  • Gasoline Transfer Pump: GPI, model M-240SMU, 1/5 hp, DC; explosion proof motor, CSA certified flammable liquid dispenser with hose and dispensing nozzle
  • Gasoline Filter


Lube Oil System:


  • A lube oil transfer pump is supplied loose, with hose and couplings provided for drain or transfer service. The main engines, reduction gears, generator engines, new lube oil tank and used oil tank are fitted with quick-disconnect couplings and isolation valves.


  • Lube Oil Transfer Pump: Haight Pumps, model 5UR, 3/4 hp, with relief valve and flow meter.
  • New Lube Oil Tank: Aluminum
  • New Lube Capacity: 100 gallons (379L)
  • Used Lube Oil Tank: Aluminum
  • Used Lube Oil Capacity: 80 gal. (303L)


Fresh Water System:


  • The freshwater system incorporates a potable water holding tank that can be filled from either a shore water supply source or by water maker systems. A large silver-impregnated activated carbon filter and 5-micron cartridge sediment filter are installed after a 100-micron water strainer on the discharge side of the freshwater pumps. Freshwater hose bibs are installed on the sun deck, bridge deck, main deck forward, port and starboard side decks amidships, engine room and at the sports deck.
Deck Equipment

Deck Crane:


  • A nautical structure model CT3500 hydraulic telescoping crane with 3,500 lbs. capacity at 16’/4.9m maximum reach @ 0º luffing angle is installed. The crane is constructed from welded marine-grade aluminum, with stainless steel truck assembly and stainless steel hardware. The crane has 24 VDC fully proportional controls for hydraulic power operations, and is provided with handheld cordless remote. The crane is stored inside the sun deck aft coaming. A pneumatic power assisted FRP hatch cover will allow crane deployment.  Crane hydraulic power will normally be provided by the central hydraulic system. Emergency back-up hydraulic power shall be provided from the tender garage door DC hydraulic power packs with reserve-power batteries. This allows the operation of the deck crane in a dead-ship condition to meet MCA requirement for rescue tender launching operations.


Tender Garage:


  • A tender garage is incorporated into the vessel. The garage door is hydraulically operated. The door has manual dog closure hardware, with an inflatable pneumatic seal to make watertight per ABS requirements. The garage door is constructed of composite.


Tender Retrieving & Stowage System:


  • The tender retrieving system is a hydraulic powered deploying/retrieving system to accommodate a 14'8” diesel jet low profile tender in the tender garage. The retrieving mechanism consists of a rail and roller system, which will hydraulically extend and retract, tip & winch the tender safely to and from the waterline. The tender, when stowed, shall be tied down to the retrieving railing system, which is pinned and locked in position (*Optional).




Boarding Arrangements

Side Boarding Ladder:


  • A (10) Ten step , with swivel platform, side-boarding ladder is provided on main deck coaming. Clevis brackets are installed at (3) side gates to accommodate ladder installation.




  • An 18’/5.48m reach hydraulic telescoping passarelle is furnished and installed at the transom, starboard side. The passarelle is stowed in an aluminum watertight box mounted below the main aft deck. The passarelle is constructed from marine grade aluminum with etched finish, primed and painted with Awlgrip “Matterhorn” white. The walkway has teak decking. Casters are provided at the end of the gangplank. The unit is fitted with a hydraulic power pack, with controls from a push-button panel installed in the Lazarette. The hydraulic power operations include: deploy and retract, telescoping, raise & lower @ 20 degree each. The passarelle is Aritex model S55, aluminum construction.

Main Engines:


  • (2) MTU model 12V 2000 M72, EPA Tier 2 & IMO compliant
  • 12-cylinder, 4-stroke marine diesel engines.
  • Maximum rating 1,450hp @ 2,250 rpm.
  • Direct injection, water-cooled
  • Exhaust gas turbochargers, with charge air after-cooling


Main Engine Reduction Gearboxes:


  • (2) ZF Gear, model 3055A
  • 10 down-angle output
  • Reduction ratio: 3.00:1
  • Forged-n output shaft collar, w/ propshaft companion flange
  • Engine/gear, w/torsional coupling between engine and gearbox
  • Oil pump, oil level dip stick, oil cooler and control valve
  • Trailing pump
  • SAE “C” pump drive power-take-off (PTO)






  • Generators are self-regulated and ventilated type, with drip-proof terminal box and flexible mounts. Single bearing, brushless revolving field alternator 4-pole; 0.8 power factor, wired 208 volts, 3 Ph., 60 Hz. Sound shields provided with each generator.


  • (2) Caterpillar model C4.4
  • Continuous rating: 76 KW at 1800 rpm, 120/208 volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz.
  • Prime movers: Turbocharged, 4-stroke cycle, in-line diesel engine, EPA Tier 2 compliant
  • Freshwater cooling system, with expansion tank and seawater cooled heat exchanger
  • 12 volt starter & 12 volt alternator for battery charging
  • Vibration isolation mounting system
  • Soot filters in line with exhaust system


Shore Power Conditioning, Control & Connection:


  • The Atlas ShorePOWER® SPA System is provided. The shore power system is designed to automatically convert the available dockside power into clean, well-regulated power, at the voltage and frequency required by the vessel. This permits connection to any shore power source in the world. Integrated dual-cord input is included with no additional equipment required.


ShorePOWER Spa System:


  • The vessel is equipped with (2) Glendenning shore power inlets with connected cables and FRP cable storage tub. These cables are 8’ (2.43m) with a mating connector to the main shore cables, and are provided to allow direct dock connections without the removal of the shore power connectors on the main cables.


  • (2) Glendenning shore power reels with 75’ (22.8m) cord
  • Atlas Model No. SP SPA 75K X6 X3 X120/208–UD
  • 75KVA capacity
  • Input frequency code X = any frequency 40 to 70 Hz
  • Output frequency code 6 = 60 Hertz output
  • Input phase code X = any phase single or three-phase
  • Output phase code 3 = 3-phase output
  • Input voltage code X = any voltage input (180-530 VAC)
  • Output Voltage = 120/208VAC, 4-wire “wye” output.
  • Integrated dual cord input capability


AC Electrical System:


  • An Atlas TecPOWER™ B Series Main Switchboard is provided for the operation and control of the generators and shore power system.


  • Single bus configuration with ground and neutral buses.
  • The switchboard enclosure contains power-input sections and bus & distribution sections. Each power-input section contains a power-input circuit breaker, meters and control switches for a power source. Shore power input may be combined in a generator power input section.
  • Input power circuit breakers are molded case type, available in 160, 250 or 400amp frame sizes


DC Electrical System:


  • The engine and genset starting, and ships service systems are all independent of each other and each has more than one means of charging. The ships service system consists of (8) size 8D, 12-volt, maintenance free type batteries, wired as a two 24- volt banks for each engine. Each bank may be selected separately or the banks may be paralleled in an emergency. Each bank has a 24-volt 80 amp battery charger. Two distribution panels are provided, one in the pilothouse and one aft in the lazarette.


    • The vessel monitoring system is a programmable logic based system designed to meet or exceed the requirements of American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) rules. The system is powered by the vessel’s service batteries for continuous operation even during an AC power failure. The system uses color touch screen operator interface terminals located in the pilothouse, crew quarters, and lazarette. The system displays alarms and monitors various systems including fuel and water tank levels. Multiple screen pages and the generous screen size allow for easy to read graphical display of location and type of alarms and monitored systems.




    • The system monitors the operation of the AC system, including system load KW and online sources. The levels of each fuel tank and the water tank can be read. Each tank has its own sensor and tank levels can be easily calibrated with the touch screen interface. Internal watertight doors between various areas are monitored. The voltage of the batteries for ships service and engine starting can be displayed.




    • The system program logs all alarms with time and date stamp, easily accessed via any of the touch screens. All bilge areas are monitored for high level, and indication is provided for DC bilge pump operation. Engine raw water flow is monitored. Backup alarms for each genset are provided, including oil pressure, water temperature, and cooling water flow. Multiple alarms are provided to monitor the sewage and grey water pumping and treatment system for proper operation and tank high levels. The freshwater and day tanks have low level alarms. The fuel overflow tank is monitored, and extra audible indicators are provided to alert the crew during fueling operations. Security alarms include all external doors and deck sensors to alert of intruders and to provide for safety while underway. The hydraulic power pack is monitored for low level and high temperature. The DC ships service and engine starting systems are monitored for voltage level alarms.
Audio & Video Electronics (AV)
  • Each accommodation or common area space is equipped with audio/video entertainment equipment which provides for a variety of choices, satellite based radio and television, dockside cable service as well as on board sources including Blu Ray, DVD, CD, iPod and central movie server.



AV by Location

Master Stateroom:


  • 42” Panasonic LCD flat screen     (pop-up)                  
  • Crestron receiver w/ handheld wireless touch panel
  • Crestron control system w/ ethernet         
  • DirecTV HD DVR Pro
  • Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • DVD Player
  • (5) Triad in-ceiling speakers
  • Triad subwoofer, 300 watt amp
  • Universal aux/audio/video jack panel


Master Head (His & Hers):


  • (1) Triad in-ceiling stereo speaker               
  • Crestron custom engraved multi-button keypad


Master Study:


  • (1) Triad in-ceiling stereo speaker
  • Crestron custom engraved multi-button keypad


Queen Staterooms (2):


  • 32” Seura LCD flat screen                               
  • Crestron receiver w/ handheld wireless touch panel
  • DirecTV HD DVR Pro
  • Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • DVD Player
  • Universal aux/audio/video jack panel
  • (2) Triad in-ceiling speakers


Twin Staterooms (2):


  • 32” Seura LCD flat screen                               
  • Crestron receiver w/ handheld wireless touch panel
  • DirecTV HD DVR Pro
  • Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • DVD Player
  • Universal aux/audio/video jack panel
  • (2) Triad in-ceiling speakers


Main Salon:


  • 42” Panasonic LCD flat screen (pop-up)
  • Crestron receiver w/ handheld wireless touch panel
  • Crestron control system w/ ethernet
  • Triad subwoofer, 300 watt amp
  • (5) Triad in-ceiling speakers
  • DirecTV HD DVR Pro
  • Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • DVD Player
  • Universal aux/audio/video jack pane




  • 26” Toshiba LCD flat screen
  • Crestron receiver w/ handheld wireless touch panel
  • DirecTV HD DVR Pro
  • DVD Player
  • Universal aux/audio/video jack panel
  • (2) Triad in-ceiling speakers


Bridge Deck Aft / Above Outside Bar:


  • 42” Panasonic LCD flat screen
  • Crestron receiver w/ handheld wireless touch panel
  • DirecTV HD DVR Pro
  • Universal aux/audio/video jack panel
  • (2) Triad in-ceiling speakers




  • 42” Panasonic LCD flat screen
  • Crestron receiver w/ handheld wireless touch panel
  • Crestron control system w/ ethernet         
  • Integrated surround sound AV receiver
  • DirecTV HD DVR Pro
  • Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • DVD Player
  • Universal aux/audio/video jack panel
  • (2) Triad in-ceiling speakers


Captain's Cabin:


  • 26” Toshiba LCD flat screen
  • Crestron receiver w/wireless handheld touch panel
  • DirecTV HD DVR Pro
  • Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • DVD Player
  • Universal aux/audio/video jack panel
  • (2) Triad in-ceiling speakers
Navigation Electronics
  • (2) Furuno radar FAR2117BB, standard ARPA plotting.                                                                                                                       
  • (5) 19” NEC Hatteland Series X                                                                                                                                                   
  • Interphase SE200C black box dual axis                       
  • Nobeltec admiral software                                                                                                                      
  • Weather interface                                                                                
  • B&G HY3-SYST-1 Hydra 3000 Cruise Pack. Includes: GFD 3000 Display & Hydra 3000 CPU             
  • ACR - RapidFix 406 EPIRB, Cat 1 with GPS Interface
  • Simrad autopilot AP50 Kit w/J50, RPU80                                                                          
  • (2) VHF Icom M604B                    

Satellite Communications (SatCom Dome):


  • KVH Broadband TracPhone V7
  • Furuno Felcom 15 Inmarsat C


Telephone System:


  • Panasonic advanced hybrid wired/wireless control unit initially configured with 4 extension ports, RS232 port, USB port, paging port. System is expandable to 8 co’s and 24 extension ports.


  • Panasonic two channel cell station unit
  • (3) Panasonic executive hands free cordless phone
  • (13) Panasonic KXT7736 backlit phones


Cellular Phone:


  • Tellular SX7T GSM 850 / 1900 cellular phone


TV Antenna (Dome):


  • KVH TracVision HD7 antenna with Tri-Americas LNB allowing the boat to travel throughout the Americas and switch seamlessly between services (High Definition TV).
Interior Appointments

Master Stateroom:


  • King size bed with innerspring mattress, drawers below
  • Dresser table with pop-up mirror and lights
  • Cedar lined closets with hanging bars and shelves
  • Custom headboard finished in upholstered fabric
  • Two nightstands with drawers
  • Privacy locksets
  • One concealed safe
  • Sitting room with cabinet
  • Wall Treatments: Upholstered fabric and wood veneered panels
  • Sole Treatment: Carpet with pad
  • Overhead: Majilite covered removable panels
  • Door Treatment: Flat-panel doors
  • Window Treatment: Silhouette blinds
  • Desk/Bureau Tops/Nightstands: Black Walnut /Maple with natural satin conversion varnish with Marble insert
  • Furniture Finish: Black Walnut /Maple with satin finish
  • Safe


Master Stateroom Head:


  • Round clear glass sink and wood base cabinet, lockers and drawers below with satin finish, mirrors above, and stone top, port & starboard
  • (2) enclosed port & starboard heads with headhunter toilets and one bidet starboard
  • Medicine cabinets above both sinks
  • Custom extra large shower
  • Kholer tub
  • Linen lockers
  • Storage lockers on both sides outboard
  • Wall Treatments: Wallpaper / Stone
  • Sole Treatment: Stone
  • Overhead: Painted PVC panels
  • Door Treatment: Flat-panel doors
  • Vanity Top: Stone
  • Furniture Finish: Black Walnut / Maple with two coat conversion varnish finish.
  • Shower: Stone
  • Bath Fixtures: THG brand plumbing fixtures (3) soap dishes, (1) soap and sponge holder, (2) glass tumblers and holder, (2) toilet paper holder, (3) single towel rings, (2) towel bars, (2) robe hooks and (2) WC brushes with holder.


Queen Stateroom (2):


  • Queen size beds, per plans with innerspring mattress and storage under
  • Nightstands with drawers                                                                                                                       
  • Vanity/dressing table
  • Cedar lined closets
  • Wall Treatments: Upholstered fabric and wood veneered panels
  • Sole Treatment: Carpet with pad
  • Overhead: Majilite covered panels
  • Door Treatment: Flat-panel
  • Window Treatments
  • Desk/Bureau Tops: Black Walnut / Maple with a natural satin conversion varnish finish with Marble insert
  • Furniture Finish: Black Walnut / Maple with a natural satin conversion varnish finish


Twin Guest Stateroom (2):


  • (2) Twin size beds with innerspring mattress, with drawer and storage below
  • Custom headboard finished in fabric
  • Nightstand with drawers                                                                                                        
  • Cedar lined closet
  • Wall Treatments: Upholstered fabric and wood veneered panels
  • Sole Treatment: Carpet with pad
  • Ove
Exterior Appointments

Main Aft Deck:


  • Settee seating for six (6) with additional four (4) loose chairs and wood table
  • Vent trunks, stairs to aft bridge deck with teak treads and stainless steel rails
  • Teak plank decking up to side decks
  • (3) Boarding gates port & starboard
  • Storage
  • Passerelle gate, starboard side
  • Bar with under counter refrigerator/freezer with icemaker
  • Wall Treatments: Urethane paint, same as house and superstructure
  • Overhead: Painted PVC panels
  • Door Treatment: Sliding glass doors to main salon (automatic)




  • Fresh water hose bib
  • Compressed air outlet
  • Forward deck seat with storage underneath
  • Windlass pad
  • Chain locker hatch
  • Freeing ports, hawse rings, bitts
  • Fog bell
  • Custom flagstaff
  • Bulkhead treatment: Painted FRP
  • Sole treatment: Finished fiberglass floor with drains. Non-skid on outer deck.


Sun Deck:


  • Sun pad port & starboard with cushions and storage
  • Hot tub
  • Settee seating for eight (8) with storage underneath and two (2) additional loose chairs
  • Custom wood table
  • Stainless steel BBQ
  • Custom Hardtop/Mast
  • Smoked Plexiglas windscreen
  • Wall Treatments: Urethane paint, same as house and superstructure.
  • Sole Treatment: Non skid deck
  • Crane storage compartment with access to additional storage


Lazarette/Tender Garage:


  • Stairs port and starboard from sport deck
  • Workbench and stainless steel tool chest
  • Electrical panels, storage cabinets
  • Watertight entrance to engine room / stainless steel door
  • Watertight entrance to rudder locker
  • Upper storage cabinets
  • (2) Glendenning shore power reels with 75’ (22.8m) cord
  • Wash-down connection
  • Watertight garage door
  • Tender storage (optional)
  • Bulkhead treatment: Powder coated perforated aluminum
  • Sole treatment: Painted FRP covered in rubber mat
  • Overhead: Powder coated perforated aluminum panels
Safety Equipment

Life Rafts:


  • (3) Inflatable life rafts, Zodiac, with hydrostatic release, 10-person capacity, SOLAS approved in accordance with “A” pack requirements. Life rafts are stowed in a painted stainless steel cradle.


Life Rings:


  • Four (4) Life Rings


MCA Life Gear:


  • 18 Survival Suits
The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.
Nominal Length
Max Draft
Length at Waterline
Dry Weight
Engine Make MTU
Total Power 3840hp
Engine Type Twin Inboard
Fuel Type Diesel
HIN 120MY02
Hull Shape Semi Displacement
2017 Ocean Alexander 120 Megayacht

The new 120 features a true tri-deck arrangement with on-deck master and four large staterooms on the lower deck, allowing accommodations for ten. Certified ABS/MCA, the 120 Tri-Level accommodates ten owner/guests with extraordinary privacy, quiet and opulence — as well as ample room and facilities for a crew of six plus a private captin's cabin aft of the helm. Each of the five luxurious staterooms has its own distinctive guest experience, including private heads, media arrays, custom cabinetry, distinctive stonework and cedar-lined lockers. The master stateroom is on the main deck. Its full-beam width allows for extraordinary amenities, including an oversized shower and whirlpool tub, twin commodes, bidet, cedar-lined hanging lockers and a port-side private sitting area.

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