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A A A - Tropic Trailers - A A A - Tropic Trailers

1997-085 (888)

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Offered By

A A A - Tropic Trailers - A A A - Tropic Trailers

1997-085 (888)

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2015 magic tilt TALS28110B2 26'-28' 11000lbNet TALS28110B2 26'-28' 11000lbNet Capacity,Magic Tilt,TALS28110B2 26'-28' 11000lbNet,TALS28110B2 26'-28' 11000lbNet,Capacity,Magic Tilt,TALS28110B2 26'-28' 11000# Net,TALS28110B2 26'-28' 11000# Net,FEATURES and BENEFITS: b"Aluminum I-Beam Construction b"Aluminum Deep V Cross Members Adjustable Undercarriage on Singles and Tandems b"Galvanized Spoke Wheel b"Submersible LED Tail-Lights b"Industry Best UFP b"Disc Brake System b"Stainless Steel Bearing Protectors, Dacromet Hubs, and Stainless Steel Spindle Seal b"Aluminum Tread Plate Fenders on Tandems b"Heavy Duty Carpeted Bunks b"Winch Stand b"Heavy Duty Winch with Strap b"Safety Chain and Bow Eye Safety Chai b"Tongue Jack b"PVC Covered Galvanized tubing upright guide poles b"Stainless Steel and Galvanized Fasteners b"Heat Shrink Wire Protectors b"5 Year Limited Warranty


  • Trailers
  • 2015
  • magic tilt
  • TALS28110B2 26'-28' 11000lbNet
  • Ft. Myers, FL
Category:TrailersPart Model:TALS28110B2 26'-28' 11000lbNet
Year:2015Location:Ft. Myers, FL
Part Make:magic tilt


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A A A - Tropic Trailers - A A A - Tropic Trailers

9451 Workmen Way
Ft. Myers, FL
1997-085 (888)
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