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I've Decided To Upgrade My VHF
February 24, 2010 - March 30, 2010


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2009 FORMULA 45

Carrollton, TX


2003 Hunter marine 426 deck salon

New Smyrna Beach, FL



Bloomfield Hills, MI


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Bethel Marine Center

Bethel Marine Center
2306 Ohio Pike
Amelia (Cincinnati), OH 45102

Phone: 888-840-3362

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2009 Crestliner
Kodiak series 167 sc

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2009 Crestliner
Super hawk series 1800

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2009 Stingray
205lx Bowrider

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Dealer Info:
Bethel Marine guarantees your satisfaction by offering an extensive on water demonstration, quality products, superior service and competitive pricing. Selling the right boat at the right price to our customers has been the key to our success since 1970.

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At we have found a creative way to bring you, the boating enthusiast, a new and exciting venue to find the latest information on boats, engines, electronics, gear and accessories. Our virtual boat show is designed to aid you in your research before attending a live boat show or wishing to review the products you have seen upon your return from the show.

The website Your one stop information source for everything riding on the water" was created because of my love for the water and the different ways to enjoy the water using vehicles and other toys that are available. As the size of the site grew I added even more vehicles, surfing and inflatable's. Within each section, boat type or vehicle there is a section with a photo gallery, different brands, articles, terminology and where possible there are Youtube videos of the vehicle you are researching so you can see it in action. In addition, there are targeted Google ads to give the site visitor additional places to look to find information they are looking for or make purchases.

NADA offers a broad range of information, products and services to help educate people in the market to buy, sell, trade or simply shop for a vehicle, while providing a wealth of interesting articles and related information to help people maintain and properly care for the vehicles they currently own. If you're a general consumer or a die hard enthusiast, is sure to have the vehicle information you're looking for. is the web's best source for buying, selling, and renting boat slips. Each slip is precisely marked on a Google satellite map so you see exactly what youíre getting. In an instant, you can find available slips around the world, zoom in, view pictures of the slips, and contact the owner. Boat slip or marina owners can create a free listing today at

The Journal For The Saltwater Angler. Complete coverage of saltwater fishing and boating in Florida and The Bahamas.


I've Decided To Upgrade My VHF

When it comes to marine electronics, VHF (very high frequency) radios are, without a doubt, the most common electronic accessory found on saltwater vessels. And while these essential safety devices enable instant communication between nearby boaters, marinas, bridge tenders and USCG personnel, they also serve as crucial fishing tools. However, don't think for one second that while fishing off the coast of Miami you'll be able to hail your buddy trolling for wahoo off Bimini. Marine VHF radios work by line-of-sight and transmission is typically limited to 20-miles, although this can be highly dependent on your VHFs output, wattage and antenna.

A recent innovation to the recreational VHF radio is the introduction of Digital Selective Calling (DSC). And while this advanced attribute is old news to commercial marine applications, the recreational sector is now reaping the rewards of increased situational awareness. While the most recently released and technologically advanced VHF radios provide Category D (recreational) Digital Selective Calling modes, not all VHF marine radios have the ability to send and receive DSC data. Generally, this feature is only available on higher-end models, so before you make a final purchasing decision be sure the particular unit you're interested in has DSC position polling reception. With this function one can request the position of another vessel, or simply send your position to the vessel of your choice.

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January 27, 2010 - February 23, 2010


78th Northwest Sportshow
March 24-28, 2010 | Minneapolis Convention Center | Minneapolis, MN


Liberty Boat Show
April 29-May 2, 2010 | Liberty Landing Marina at Liberty State Park | Jersey City, NJ


45th Tampa Boat Show
September 10-12, 2010 | Tampa Convention Center | Tampa, FL


Norwalk International In-Water Boat Show
September 23-26, 2010 | Norwalk Cove Marina | Nowalk, CT

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