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The A22 From Axis Wake Research
ValvTech Introduces ValvTect...
Cascade Marine Center

Seakeeper, Bertram, Sandrine, Formula
Corpus Christi (TX)
What Does 'Pounds of Buoyancy' Mean?
January 28, 2009 - February 24, 2009

The A22 From Axis Wake Research Is About Big Wakes And Functionality

Featured Article

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The new A22 boat from Axis Wake Research is is described as a complete core rider accommodation without the typical big wake price tag. At 22 feet, the A22 is optimized for big wakes through hull design, ballast configuration and optional wake enhancement.

Other features include customizable seating, well-designed storage and rider-inspired interior amenities.

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Boating Industry News

ValvTech Introduces ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment features details on the new ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment.

According to ValvTect, ValvTect Ethanol Gasoline Treatment has been verified by engine manufacturer and ASTM tests to stabilize gasoline, prevent corrosion, control moisture to help prevent phase separation, reduce octane loss and clean-up carbon deposits.

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Yanmar Introduces New By2 Series Diesel Engines

Yanmar Marine USA Corp recently announced the next generation of its lightweight BY Series diesels.

According to Yanmar Marine USA, these BY2 Series engines feature many new improvements, including a glow plug controller that virtually eliminates cold-start white smoke.

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Cascade Marine Center

Cascade Marine Center
14900 SE Stark St.
Portland, OR 97233

Toll Free: 888-627-0414

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Dealer Note:
Cascade Marine Center is a dealer for Regal and Godfrey Boats in the Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA, area. The?Godfrey lines carried by?our boat dealership include Aqua Patio, Polar Kraft, Sanpan and Sweetwater.? With this selection of cruisers, bowriders, pontoons, deck boats, party?barges and more, you're sure to find the one?that meets your needs.

Featured Boats

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Does Seakeeper's Anti-Roll Gyro Really Work?
We must admit that when we first heard about anti-roll gyro stabilizers dampening the roll of a yacht we were skeptical. After all, how could something inside a boat, with no contact with the water, slow the roll? Well, we're not rocket scientists otherwise we would have known some basic principals of physics that say such a gyro could work. Last month we tested Seakeeper's Gyro Stabilizing System on a new Azimut 50 in Baltimore Harbor. So that you could see the test results we videotaped it. If you want to see how this unit works and how successful it is at dampening roll -- hold on here.
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Bertram 700 Convertible: Tested & Inspected
Because the new Bertram 700 is a collaboration between Bertram's big game fishing captains and crusty engineers on this side of the pond, and Ferretti's test-tank speed merchants and Italian free-thinking designers and stylists in the Med, the result was bound to be something special. Big game (and big buck) sportfishermen around the world have been eagerly awaiting her introduction for over a year. We got aboard the 700 for testing and inspection as she made her triumphal tour down the American East Coast visiting the fall boat shows. Capt. Rob Smith has been periodically visiting this boat at the plant from the time of her hull-layup and now has a complete video report with performance numbers.
To see Capt. Smith's video report on the Bertram 700

Hargrave Sandrine
One of the surprising aspects of many large motoryachts, say 70' to 130', is that like their 40' to 50' little sisters - they are remarkably similar. The reason is that production boats in this size range are still "production boats." Their layouts, paneling, staterooms and practically everything else except countertops and floor treatments are standardized. And these boats cost several million dollars! Buyers of large motoryachts typically find a few things that they like on each of three or four brands, but nowhere is there one boat that combines all of the details of the boat of their dreams. Their alternative is to hire their own naval architect, pick a custom yard and build a motoryacht from scratch. That is a long, costly, and often painful way to get the boat of one's dreams. Happily, there is a builder which will customize an 80' to 130' motoryacht yet still charge no more than production boat prices. That company is Hargrave. BoatTEST's Charity Hughes takes a video look at the Hargrave Sandrine to point out how one very demanding client personalized their large motoryacht -- specify this.
To see BoatTEST videos of other Hargrave models --

Formula 400 SS
Of all the boats that Formula builds, the 400 Super Sport is perhaps the sleekest, and most heart-stopping. This year she debuts with an all new Imron Diamond Sapphire graphic and new hull side colors and trim that are classy and elegant. If you've ever had the feeling that Formula's have the glossiest gel coat and surface finish on the water, you are not alone. According to Formula VP Grant Porter it takes as many as 18 separate buffings to bring out the shine and rich color for boats embedded in the Imron paint. Find out what sets the Formula 400 SS.
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Map It!

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Corpus Christi (TX)

Corpus Christi offers guests an exciting opportunity to experience a rich blend of culture in the relaxed atmosphere of this historic coastal port. In?Corpus Christi you will find smooth sea breezes and endless blue skies year-round. A Corpus Christi vacation features a bay front promenade, an arts and museum district, waterfront restaurants and an entertaining nightlife...all within walking distance from first-rate hotels.? You'll also find golf galore, plentiful shopping and beautiful beaches on a Corpus Christi vacation.

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What Does 'Pounds of Buoyancy' Mean?

A buoyant apparatus is anything that can float and hold up weight. For instance, if you had a Type I PFD that is required to have 22 pounds of buoyancy, it would be capable of supporting 22 pounds of dense material such as lead, iron, gold, granite, etc. It would not let the material sink to the bottom. If we tied a 20 pound anchor to this PFD, what do you suppose would happen? If you guessed that it would hold the anchor off the bottom you would be correct.

To read the rest of the article, click here.
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January 28- February 24, 2009

1st Annual International Houseboat Fest
January 29-31, 2009 | Kentucky Exposition Center | Louisville, KY


Strictly Sail Chicago
January 29-February 1, 2009 | Navy Pier | Chicago, IL


30th Annual Atlantic City International Power Sport Show
February 4-8, 2009 | Atlantic City Convention Center | Atlantic City, NJ


55th Annual St. Louis Boat & Sportshow
February 11-15, 2009 | Edward Jones Dome | St. Louis, MO

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